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In 2021 there were 204,830 Alabama students who received free and reduced lunches while at school - 2,210 were in Cullman County.

The mission of the Knapsacks Program at Cullman FUMC is to help tackle the problem of child hunger at West Elementary and East Elementary schools. Many of these students rely on school meals for their only source of nourishment after leaving school. 

Not only can you contribute monetarily to this life changing ministry; but also, help pack bags or deliver totes to the schools weekly. Email to get plugged in today!

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At Cullman FUMC we take gently used medical equipment and reallocate it to members of the community in need. Whether you are interested in picking up equipment from homes, dropping them off at the storage facility, or delivering them to patients - we'd love to have you help! To get involved, please email

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