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Join us for our upcoming Serve Day, a day filled with EXCITEMENT and PURPOSE.

On Sunday, October 29th at 10:00 am, we’ll be packing 10,000 meals to nourish families around the globe. Our efforts last year reached thousands in Taiwan, and this year, we’re aiming for an even greater impact.

Come witness the positive change we can create together, right from our Church here in Cullman.

Let’s make a difference on a global scale! Meet us in Hearin Hall – see you there!

For more information about Rise Against Hunger, visit their website


At Cullman FUMC we take gently used medical equipment and reallocate it to members of the community in need. Whether you are interested in picking up equipment from homes, dropping them off at the storage facility, or delivering them to patients - we'd love to have you help! To get involved, please email

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